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Cell phone charger stuck in socket

Has anyone had a Verizon cell phone charger get stuck in the socket of a Mazda 3? I have a 2010 Mazda 3 and plugged in my Verizon cell phone charger in over the weekend and now cannot get it out. It is really stuck. I read on a Mazda 3 owner’s forum that other owners have experienced this also. Any idea if a Mazda TSB has been issued for this problem?

It’s probably the two little negative contact spring ears that got into the spaces on the sides of the socket when inserted at just the wrong angle.

You’re going to need to remove the socket a bit by unscrewing its retainer from behind. Then you can press down on the stuck ears to get the plug out.
If there’s enough room behind there you could just get your hand back there and press the ears from the sides but I think the retainer sleeve will prevent that.

Yep. I had a Verizon charger when I got my Droid because they didn’t have aftermarket chargers for it yet. It sucked. The terminal ears tended to grab at my sockets as well, and even yanked the whole socket out of my MR2 (fortunately, nothing broke and I just slid it back in. Haven’t used one since.