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Celica convertible frame rail

Alright, so I have a 1997 (6th Gen) Toyota Celica GT, with a beautiful and fun rag top. Being a Southern Californian, I have enjoyed putting down the top daily. That is, until recently. That’s when an eyelet on a hinge on the convertible top frame rail snapped. Worse, the broken eyelet is a part of a cast aluminum frame rail. It’s the front of 3 articulating frame rail pieces on the driver’s side. I’ve tried torch welding (and failed), and it seems I have little recourse but to replace it. I’ve been striking out in finding it, though, having searched eBay and local junk yards to no avail. I know the convertible top was manufactured not by Toyota but by ASC, however I can’t find a part # anywhere. Here’s a diagram, with the broken frame rail piece highlighted in orange:

It’s frustrating not being able to replace the part, especially since it’s only 4 bolts to remove/install it!

Try a sheetmetal fabrication shop. They should be able to duplicate the part from scratch without problem.
Heck, there are shops in California that duplicate entire body sections from scratch for hot rods and classic car restorations.

Take the aluminum part to a weld/blacksmith shop and ask if they can TIG weld it back together.


Yes, you’d be surprised what a pro welder can do.