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CD Converter- 97 Town Car

Greetings Folks. Got a CD adapter/converter to play through the factory Lincoln JBL in dash AM/FM Cassette player. Plays fine but keeps getting ejected after a certain amount of time. Tried hitting the “side” button and other settings to no avail. What, if any fix is there? Hey, I’d like a V-10, 300 watts a speaker and a WWII Cruiser for a fishing boat(who would ask for my fishing license?) but think economy- I go with what I’ve got- I’d be happy to make this work. Thanks for the suggestions.

Your cassette player is smart enough to realize that tape is not moving through the adapter. Because of this, it thinks that something is wrong and ejects the tape.
A better low cost solution may be to get the factory CD/radio from a junk yard and use it to replace your factory cassette/radio. Otherwise, you may be able to find a more expensive cassette adapter that can fool the factory radio.

You could try to find an FM transmitter that will plug into the CD player and other equipment. The used to be pretty common.