Catalytic converter

A few month ago I purchased a 1995 Handa Accord to save gas. Less than a week the check engine light came up and my mechanic charged me $350.00 to clean the engine. A week later same thing happened and this time he asked for $900.00 to replace Catalytic converter. At that point I decided to take the mater on my hand. I did purchased an aftermarket converter (Napa) and had a muffler shop to replace it for me. Less than 200 miles same ting happened the engine light came back on. This time I took the car to a Honda service center. They diagnosed it as a bad converter and asked for $1200.00 to replaced converter. I thought may be the converter was defective I talked to Napa and they agree to replace it for me. I took the new converter to the same muffler shop and replace the converter. Same thing happened, less than 200 miles the engine light was on. Honda service center saying the converter has to be the original Honda factory which I don’t buy that. Please someone help me with this problem without paying $1200.00 for a converter for a car which not worth than $4000.00.

Thanks Ross Barghi

Many times it’s NOT the converter but one of the O2 sensors.

$350 to “clean the engine” to repair the cause of a CEL? What exactly did he do here?

Did he ever do any diagnosis?

according to this mechanic the engine was cloged up and he charged me $350. to clean it. It was based on his computer diagnostic God knows he was honest or not). That was the reason I decided not to persue any more business to him.

You were wise not to go back.

Chances are good that it was a bad downstream oxygen sensor. That can tell the ecu that the converter is operating poorly when in fact it’s the sensor itself. This can be diagnosed, but only by the willing.

And, by the way, a direct fit OEM replacement cat from an aftermarket source is perfectly good.

I’d still like to find out what he claimed was “clogged” and what he actually cleaned. But I can understand why you’d want to move on and forget this guy.

This 1995 Honda has only one oxygen sensor. It is what is called OBD 1 emissions system. The oxygen sensor might be faulty. It’s cheaper to replace it than to test it (when you find a mechanic who can, or will).
You need to continue to search for an able/willing mechanic. Then, get the trouble codes for us to comment on.