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Catalytic Converter

Is it legal in the state of Florida for a dealership to sell a car without a catalytic converter? If it isn’t would I be able to take any action against them because I bought the car “as is”.

It isn’t legal in any state of the US to sell a gasoline-powered road vehicle without a catalytic converter.
You can’t take action against the dealer for this infraction, but the EPA could–technically.
However, I doubt that you could corral the EPA into actually doing so.

As to Florida laws, I think that you had best contact experts on that topic.
Why not call the State Police and/or the DMV?
Even in Florida, there are likely to be some regulations on matters such as this.

Florida does not have emissions testing. That is how he is getting away with it. Catalytic converters have platinum in them. It was either stolen or he took it off and sold it. You could not sell that car in Ga.