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Catalytic converter

Is an after-market catalytic converter a good idea? The dealer wants $1500 for a genuine Subaru replacement and my local muffler guy will give me an after-market replacement for $775. Should I go for it?

$775 is STILL too high. Try an independent repair shop. Call an auto parts store for prices. A repair shop parts price, for the same item installed, will be 150% of that; then, plus labor charge.
Also, does it REALLY need a catalytic converter? Check previous posts for this questionable “diagnosis”. Go to the top of this page, click on Search, and for keyword, put Catalytic converter. You’ll get lots of hits.

Great suggestion, thanks. Now I’m not sure if I need the CC. Here’s the story: CEL came on during a holiday trip, code P0420, Subaru dealer said 02 emission checked out okay and you can drive home ($100 plz). CEL came on again as I neared home several days and 750 miles later. Subaru dealer here said code P0420, 02 emission still okay, CC must be dying, replace ($100 plz). Any way to determine if it REALLY needs that CC without dumping another $100 or so? BTW, CEL is back on again after turning itself off after the second dealer inspection.

The first thing I would do is replace the front O2 sensor. The efficiency test is having so many like states between the front and rear O2 sensors. If the front O2 sensor is lazy, it can create conditions that can lead to a premature failure (indicated) of the cat.

What’s the mileage/year of this Forester?

All the ECM wants is a proper voltage signal from both the front and rear o2 sensors…If it gets what it wants, it’s happy. You can give it what it wants without buying a CC…First, learn what makes it happy. Then figure out how to make it happy…

If you need a new converter (you may not) then the dealer or after-market have to meet the same federal specs so go with the cheaper version.

It’s a 2001 Forester with 84,000 miles. The muffler place said this is a problem with Subarus but then he sells and installs CCs.