2002 Subaru Forester catalytic converter - one or two piece?

Why are some catalytic converters on Amazon and online parts stores one piece for ~$100 and some 2 pieces with a big pipe between them for $400-$800? How do you know which one you need? Code reader suggested replacing catalytic converter to fix the code (sadly this is a used car and I wasn’t able to write down the code, but I remember the reader diagnosis)…

Have you checked this out at rockauto.com? I wouldn’t go by Amazon. Also, it might not be the cat, other problems (O2 sensor, etc.) can cause a cat code. Don’t spend the money until you know. And is this a car you’re considering buying? If it is RUN AWAY.

We’re getting a good price on the car and this seems to be the only problem. The expected cost is factored into the price we’re paying (well, expected for a catalytic converter). It’ll be less than other similar Subaru Foresters we’ve found in our area by $1500, and those need a head gasket replacement. I don’t see why one repair on a 10 yr old car would be “run away”…

Because you don’t really know what the problem is, as I said.

Buying a vehicle with an existing problem is always a hige gamble. Often one doesn;t know the extent of a problem until one gets deeply into it.

I agree with Texases. Keep looking.

Take the car to a Subaru competent shop and have them check it out. If the seller won’t allow it, he’s hiding something. Do like texases said and run.