Catalytic converter

I own a lexus gs300 my engine light turns on for a few days then turns off. then after a few days it turns again.the dealer tells me my catalytic converter is ready to go. can this cause damage to my vehicle if I continue to drive it this way.

Eventually, yes. The catalytic converter burns off nasty gasses in the exhaust that would otherwise pollute the air, so it is primarily an environmental item. However, a malfunctioning converter can be a symptom of incomplete combustion in the engine, caused by a spark plug not firing, or too much gas being injected. In both cases, the converter will eventually burn up and, as was the case with my brother-in-law, can set the car on fire. He burned the carpets in his Ford when the converter overheated.

In any case, take it to a mechanic who should test if the engine is causing the malfunction. If so, that should be fixed first. The converter may not be at fault.