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Catalytic converter xterra

2005 xterra 157,000 mi. Cat conv going. State of Wa doesn’t do emissions inspections. Can I get someone to disconnect it. ? Am faced with over $2,00 repair. Tade in? What to do?

Removing or gutting the converter is not the answer. That would leave you with a CEL illuminated and if a shop got caught doing this they would be in a world of hurt.

Is that price a dealer figure on an original converter? If so, you might price this around at a generic muffler shop and see what happens.

This is all assuming the converter is even the problem as converter problems can easily be misdiagnosed. You did not state how that diagnosis came to be.

Absolutely agree with OK4450.

Go to a local muffler shop. I bet you can be out the door with a new cat for less than $500. Good luck.