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Cat in a blender

When it rains and I push my brakes all the way down they make a horrible crunching noise like metal on metal. I had them checked last month and the dealer told me they needed cleaned and adjusted and then said i needed to replace the rear wheel cylinder and now around a month later its making the noise again

If it only does it when it has been raining it is probably just rust on the rotors,BUT,we can’t see your brakes. You really need to develop a relationship with a good independent (make sure it isn’t their brother-in-law) mechanic. Ask for recommendation and even an introduction to one from people who have lived in your area for a long time.

Brakes don’t need to be cleaned, and the only thing that needs periodic adjustment is the parking brake cable. Otherwise, the brakes are self-adjusting.

When it rains the brake rotors develop a light coat of rust. When you first apply the brakes the rust gets scraped off by the brake pads. This is the noise you hear. It should go away after one or two stops. Does it?

I suggest you find a good independent mechanic and let the dealer charge someone else for cleaning and adjusting the brakes.

Sometimes “Cheap” Brake Rotors Get Pitted From Corrosion And Make Noise. Brakes Naturally Create Dust When They Work. The Dust Helps Keep The Noise Down And When The Rain Comes And Washes The Dust Away . . .

. . . well, there you go again.

What year is this car ? How many miles ? Original brakes ? Did The problem only begin some time after having the brakes replaced ?