Cat converter, U joint, or ? 1990 240 Volvo making noise

My 1990 Volvo is making a terrible noise at about 20-30 miles per hour. It only lasts a few minutes but it sounds like a plane taking off underneath the passenger seat (wagon). Had the muffler replaced, but it didn’t fix the noise. I also have a high pitched noise at freeway speeds. ideas??

I would guess a wheel bearing. I take it does not sound like a belt or brake squealer. If you tap the brakes does it change?

No, tapping the breaks does not change it. It’s coming from the middle of underneath the car…thought it was the muffler–which I had replaced because it was rusted out anyway…it’s a low, throaty, grinding noise that stops once I get to higher speeds or sometimes if I stop at a stop sign. Like I said, it only lasts a few minutes too. Stumped.