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Cash for clunkers legislation

Has anyone had any experience with the cash for clunkers legislation yet? Is it law as of yet or just proposed? Can’t seem to get much info on it. Rocketman

Story in Tuesday’s newspaper said the law might be passed even this week, so I guess it is not in place yet.

(BTW, when I saw the title of the thread I was expecting a political rant to start. I sure hope that does not happen here.)

Just waiting for it so the sister-in-law can take advantage of it asap.

I suggest anyone hoping or planning to take advantage of this legislation read the fine print VERY carefully. I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING a dealer or salesperson says about it.

Consult the IRS.

Shouldn’t that be a “.gov” web site? With all the fraudulent “cash for clunkers” sites out there, I recommend instead. I would definitely not give this “.com” site any of my personal information.

Whitey is correct. Legitimate Government sites are .gov. There have been many fraudulent sites already…There were fraudulent sites for the Mortgage bailouts too…and MOST were NOT in this country.