Beware of "Cash for Clunkers" Scams

Be aware that there are many fraudulent “Cash for Clunkers” web sites that collect your personal data for identity theft.

Please see http://usn…ers-Scams/

We’ve All Been Scammed Already By The Unfunded “Cash For Clunkers” Program.

This wasteful government spending scam passed the Senate by 1 vote, only because the bill was delayed until one Senator was coerced into changing her mind. This was the third attempt to ram this waste down our throats. Add this $1,000,000,000 to all the other wasted dollars being charged to our children and their children.

Senator Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire senator, correctly identified this ridiculous waste of tax payer money as ?unfunded baggage? when tacked onto another bill.

I have been scammed and I can’t even qualify for “Cash For Clunkers”.


I started this thread to warn people about the fraudulent scams, not start a debate about this program. [i]Please don’t hijack this thread.[/i] There are plenty of threads debating your issue already.

I believe the program is supposed to be used for the puchase of a new vehicle.

but is there a right way ( without being scammed ) of a person getting a nice used vehicle with the trade of their ‘clunker’ ?

( I’ve not yet read up on the program, which is a work in progress as we type. Just looking for multiple input. kg )

Maybe you should check the official web site (

The program is supposed to spur the sale of new vehicles that are more fuel-efficient than the ones being traded in. Let’s remember that the feds have a vested interest in increasing the sale of GM and Chrysler vehicles, and the US economy will benefit from increased sale of new cars made in the US. The sale of used cars has a minimal impact on the economy.

What Was Your Question?

Since you didn’t ask a question and simple made a statement, I rightly thought you were finished.

What was your question and how is my commenting going to detract from your warning?

This program and all other government waste needs to come out for discussion and not be shoved under the table. This is pertinent because all of these unfunded social programs lead to problems not limited to people being scammed and fleeced and citizens of the country being divided . . . we have some folks receiving and some folks paying. I’m not receiving, but I’m paying.

See what I mean?


That’s true. The sale of used goods is not counted in our GDP figures. Only new goods (and purchased services) count towards GDP.

No, I don’t see what you are saying. This particular forum is “General Discussion” and your posts are about the merit of the “Cash for Clunkers” program, not protecting consumers from fraudulent imposter web sites.

I was trying to keep this thread on a single topic, but I can see you are going to make that impossible. I guess you are going to be obnoxiously obtrusive and ignore my request not to hijack this thread. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I was just asking for a small measure of civility, and it appears you are either unwilling or unable to comply. Oh, well.

Your position that this is “government waste” has been expressed many many times in many threads already. You have made it perfectly clear what you think. Maybe you should start another thread on that issue. I am not trying to shove this topic under the table. I am just asking it be limited to threads where it is relevant.

That’s All I’ve Got For Now. I Didn’t Mean To Upset You. Not Seeing A Question, I Thought I Could Express An Opinion, But I’ll Go Along With Your Censorship. It’s Your Question.


Pssst . . .Ron-Man, You Are HiJacking This Thread By Taking Us Off On A Discussion Of GDP.

Whitey would like the discussion to stay on the topic statement " Beware of “Cash for Clunkers” Scams and " . . . protecting consumers from fraudulent imposter web sites." He admonished me for straying off topic.

Ron-Man, you inadvertently went off topic. However, I did find it interesting. I would comment, but have agreed to stay on topic.


Boy are you being childish and petty.

That was my fear, which takes the sister-in-law out of the loop budgetwise. She’s trying to get rid of a 91 Explorer and get something similar but the overall bottom line is imperative. ( of which I’ve commented before ; just because they throw $4,500.00 at me , doesn’t mean I can afford the payments on the remaining $25,000.00 )


You usually make major contributions to this forum when you keep your political statements in check. I would not like to see you banned from this forum, but after seeing what happened to “Beefy Norm” after he insisted on inserting his political views into many threads, I fear that you will also be banned. (For the record, Beefy Norm attempted to return under a new guise, as “Abnormal”, and he was soon banned again.)

Can’t you find another forum for your political views, and confine your posts in this forum to largely automotive-related statements?

Why would it have to be a $29,000 vehicle? The point of the program is to get you in an efficient new vehicle, which can be had new in today’s market for between $10,000 and $15,000. This program wasn’t designed to help someone trade one gas guzzler for another gas guzzler.

Can Do! My Apologies To Whitey, Ron-Man, And You VDC Driver And Others For Being Inconsiderate!

It’s pretty easy to get scammed if you don’t know what to look for.

Thanks Whitey for the warning. The interweb can be a dangerous place.

Any more actual information about the scams? what country do the originate from? number of victims? profile of victims,just any thing more on the scam.

Old School, Here’s A Bit On “Cash For Clunkers Headquarters (Dot Com)”.

"what country do the originate from?"
New York, New York, Dulles, VA, U.S.A ?

This is an example of an NHTSA warning.

This link goes to Consumer Affairs dot com and they show the site’s home page.

Please note that I’m not the one alleging a scam, here.