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Cars for the big and tall

Looking for a car that fits me , 6’5" 330#.

Some of you suggested some cars, but none fit. I bit the bullet and went to the Chicago Auto Show a few weeks ago. Sat in 49 cars . I did not try pickups. Most cars have a console that hits my right leg. The cars thet fit me are the 3 Nissan SUVs-Xterra, Armada and the other one, the Mercedes S class ($88,000) and the Dodge Caravan (which doesn’t count, because it’s a minivan, and I did not try out other minivans).

I’ll test drve the Nissans next week. The above report is based on -do I fit-, that’s all.

The Beetle and Ford 500 were among non “large car” suggestions before on this topic

Pretty much any car with a back seat. Put the front seat back all the way.

Beyond that, no one can tell you based on your weight and your height alone. Different people have different length legs and torsos. Also, different people have different ideas of what a “fit” is. It sounds to me like you want a rolling living room. I consider any car where my head clears the headliner and I can fit my legs under the steering wheel a fit. You’re just going to have to try things until you find something you like, or get realistic about what to expect from a car and broaden your options.

You may be surprise on the room inside a Subaru Forester. Toyota Landcrusier is another option.


I tried the Subaru and Toyota. Same problem. The center console is too big. I have a 1999 Cadillac Escalade, and love it. The gear shift is on the stering wheel. The 2009 and 2010 Cadillac Escalade has the gear shift in the enlarged console, and my right leg doesn’t fit.
My Cadillac has 120,000 miles on it, and I hope it outlatsts me, because it is the smoothest riding car I have ever been in. And I’m old.

I have a friend who is 6’11" and has found that a Dakota PU extended cab is the smallest vehicle, height wise he can fit. Do they have a model with bench seats for the laterals ?
I don’t know, but it is one large cab.

It’s an offbeat suggestion, and I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm for these cars, but how about a PT Cruiser?

A friend’s family member is at least 400lbs and fairly tall too, and she loves this car because it’s the only car she’s owned that seats her comfortably and is easy to get in and out of for her. They haven’t had any trouble with it in their 4 years of ownership either.

I tried it. Not enough leg room for me. Thanks anyway

I would think the Ford Panther cars would fit. This is the Ford Crown Vic and the Mercury Grand Marquis would fit fine. Most have the shift on the column. They are not exactly sporty cars, but they might well work.

This’ll sound crazy, but I fit great in a Mini (no sunroof), I’m 6’5"/230lbs. Worth a try.