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Cars and Bars... Know any car bars?

Of course “alcohol and gasoline” don’t mix! Believe me, I respect that, but that’s not what this discussion is about.

In the Detroit area, decades ago, I went to business meeting/lunches in a car themed bar. It had car paraphernalia all over the place and I’ve actually sat in the trunk of a 57 Chevy (a real one with cushions) that was there. It was a fun place for car enthusiasts. It has since closed.

On my morning bicycle ride today, as I was going through downtown, I went past one of my favorite spots for adult beverages, a place that brews and serves one of my favorites, Motorworks beer from Motorworks Brewing!

Motorworks brewing was established in a former Hudson Motors dealership. One of its founders, Frank Tschida has a Sprint Car/ASA background. Motorworks beer has a hood ornament on it!

I thought it would be fun to hear about bars, beers, taverns, restaurants, and beer gardens that have an automotive theme.

Do you know of any such car bars or car beers?
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Unfortunately it closed years ago and I can not remember the name. It was located on International Drive, the heart of the tourist district, in Orlando, FL.
Had representatives from nearly every motor sport. Bikes, sprint cars, pace cars, boats. One of the Bigfoot trucks with cane tires was in the parking lot visible from I-4.
Food prices, unlike most I-Drive locations, were quite reasonable.
As I recall it was a joint venture of several NASCAR drivers.

Wow, too bad I missed that one. I have taken I-75 to I-4 and on to Orlando or over to the Space Coast, but the only thing I’ve seen from I-4 are those too real looking full size dinosaurs. Can you say, “Jurassic Park?”

Maybe when Cletus McFarland opens his race track here in Autumn it will inspire some brew masters or wanna-be pub owners to open with a car theme. I’ll betcha.
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It’s long gone, but one of the “in” places to go in the '70s was The Auto Pub, which was located inside the GM Building in NYC. I took dates there a few times, and I recall that the food was decent, and the auto-themed decorations were interesting.

I can;t recall any name’s or exact location’s but there were quite a few on old highway 66 year’s ago.

I have been to that car-themed restaurant near Detroit. Darned if I can remember its name.

Near Mid-Ohio Racetrack was a place called “Bucks” that served very good food. The whole place was race themed with autographs galore on nearly every race event poster. Burnt down around 2000. The owner retired and sold the rights to another local bar and grill. It was never the same.

I’m thinking there was another one of these places near Phoenix. Tempe or Mesa, maybe.

Quaker Steak and Lube. There is one in Clearwater. I’ve not been but friends have. Wings and burgers and steak.

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Not so much a bar theme…But NH as a few state run liquor stores at a few of the NH rest stops. You can now sit in your car and place an order and they’ll bring your order out to you in your car.

So much for drinking and driving as you are already in the car.

Ohio has had drive through beer and wine stores since I was too young to drive. Drew Carey, a Cleveland Ohio comedian, joked about that in his act.

Traveling through Texas and getting tired long ago I stopped in Abilene and asked where I could get a beer and pizza and was told the only beer for sale in 50 miles was at Impact which I seemed to have just passed through. I turned around and found what seemed like a large walled up city block that was refrigerated and filled with beer. I bought a 6 pack and never got out of the car. Things are big in Texas and so is stupidity.

There was likely a walk in counter somewhere but all I saw was drive thru business and when leaving you entered a dry county carrying liquor but no one seemed at all worried. It was the CAR BAR.

Remember seeing a few, gone now, and used to have a fav spot with a bathtub hanging from the ceiling, bathtub gone now also.

Hey, it’s okay if you can’t remember. My memory is getting so bad that I can now hide my own Easter Eggs!

The place I went to was Doug’s Body Shop, a very unique dining and drinking spot, even for the Motor City (Detroit).

It’s gone now and what was left was turned into a house of ill repute or gay bar or some darn thing.
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All the Mission BBQ restaurants I’ve seen have a deuce and a half in military-like dress parked on the lot. No vehicles or auto memorabilia inside the restaurant though.

I think the closest I’ve come is Disney’s Sci Fi Theater. Like a drive in with fiberglass period convertibles. 57, 58 etc. Car hops and no alcohol. Eat in the car while watching old sci fi films.

As far as drive through beer sales, I don’t remember exactly what state but did notice a few when stopping for gas. Think about it though, what’s the difference? You can go in the store and buy whatever you want and then walk out to your car and drive away or just drive up to the window. Either way you should not be opening it or consuming, so just buying it in a drive through doesn’t make much difference.

I’ve stopped for gas several times in Georgia and observed that inside, many/most gas stations offer the obligatory boiled peanuts to go, and some display single beers, sitting in ice cubes.

I’m pretty sure the peanuts are meant for immediate consumption on the road, but it must be that those ice cold (literally) single beers are to be taken directly home for consumption, right? :smirk:
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Know any car bars?

Yep. Mine and every one of my friend’s garages.

Used to be a weekly host rotation thing. More beer and alcohol consumed there than at any bars.

Reminds me, best comeback of all time: I spill more beer than you drink. You must be one h@ll of a slob!


To me beer is like coffee…
It’s all good, some are just better than others!

Or… What’s the best beer?
Free beer!
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I have long forgotten the name but there used to be an automotive themed drive-in so to speak down in MS.
Just pull up, flash the lights, and someone would come out to the car and take your order.Burgers and beer.
Hard liquor was illegal at the time but that was resolved by a place 10 miles out of town called The Woodshed.

Two black men ran it and it had piles of firewood all around the small block building. Pull up, one of them would come out, take an order, and was soon back out with a bottle of the hard stuff. They got busted now and then but made enough in operation to cover the legalities and then some. They finally started stashing the liquor in the trees and developed an eye for the police. Nope, we just sell firewood…