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Carrera 911 engine overheating

My husband was having trouble starting his 911 (only 5000 miles on the car). First the clutch switch was replaced. Next the fuel pump was replaced. After leaving the service center, in one mile had warning light engine temp 250 degrees burning smell. Car back in shop. Could this have been related to the fuel pump replacement? any other thooughts?

It could have been almost anything is possible. How many miles on the car? What year? Why was the fuel pump replaced?

His car is a 2009 with only 5000 miles. He has had trouble starting the car for about a month. First, nothing would happen when he turned the key for several attempts, this was accompanied by having to “turn it over” multiple times before it would start. The clutch switch was replaced which solved the problem of no response when he turned the key, but he would still have to turn it over multiple times.

Is the car still under warranty?

The only connection I can surmise is that they may have had to drain the coolant for soem reason to access the fuel pump and didn’t refill it. For the engine to overheat in that short a distance would indicate that there was no coolant at all. Whether my guess is correct or not, if it’s still under warranty it’s critical that he let the shop diagnose and correct the problem.

Sincere best.