Carquest oil

my mechanic said car quest oil was bad.i told him it was made by ashland oil corp. who makes valvoline. so i believe this is valvoline sold under car quest name. he also stated it looked clearer than a high grade oil. i change out my oil anyways at 3k so i bet this is ok to use.

It is, no doubt, re-badged Valvoline. You can’t judge fresh oil by its color…

CarQuest motor oil is the same as Valvoline motor oil. I’ve used it for years.


No real need (or harm) to change oil that often. Back in the old days, cars were different and they needed 3K oil changes. Today it is overkill, but the only down side is usually the cost of the oil.

You can use ANY brand of motor oil. Your mechanic is wrong.

The main difference is the additive package, the Valvoline badged stuff will have a more roubust additive package than the Carquest oil will. Both are fine to use though.