Cardinals (the Birds!) and mirrors


The woman whose car was being ‘attacked’ by Mrs Cardinal needs to cover her mirrors, and maybe her other windows as well. Lady cardinals pick out their nest sites, and they are territorial, but only about other cardinals. Mrs. cardinal has ‘discovered’ another female cardinal in her territory, and she is having bird showdowns with her reflection- she thinks the reflection is an interloper female cardinal. She has done everything that she can think of to run off the interloper, even brought her mate in for reinforcement, but the other woman is not moving on! Eventually, Mrs. Cardinal will move her nest site- assuming she has not started her family yet-

If she has, she will likely stay with her nest and continue the confrontations, with the attendant inconveniences to the car owner. Can the car owner park her car further away from Mrs. C’s nest? At least until the babies are fledged- I think the nest can’t be very far from the car-

I wish her good luck- both the car owner and the cardinal-