Carburator 1984 GMC 3/4 ton Van

My Van runs perfectly if I run it each day. Waiting 3 days it may start up and run or it may not until after considerable cranking. Sometimes it stops on the road and by waiting it seems to pull the gasoline sufficiently to run perfectly again. Before the time I talked with you by telephone, I had changed the fuel pump, realeased the gas cap to avoid suction, cleaned all of the filters with no appreciatable change. In talking to you, you told me it was the carburator. I now find that to replace the carburator, it can cost me up to $500. The question is, can this carburator be rebuilt instead of replced? And what exactly is wrong with the carburator that causes its evacuation of gas? There is absolutoly no gasoline fragrance evident during all of this.

Thanks you for your help. I’d love to hear from you, Howie

Tom and Ray are not available here. Fuel pump sometimes. If it’s the needle valve in the carburetor thit is sticking, you can tap on it near where the fuel line goes in and it will temporarily open until the next time it sticks. It can be replaced easily. Rebuild kits are a lot cheaper than carburetors. It could also be vapor lock from the fuel line getting hot.