Car wouldn't start

My 2001 Celica wouldn’t start Friday. (Temp -3) All the electronics went on (radio fan ect), but the engine was silent- not even a click or a chug. Tried it morning and evening and morning the next day, no luck. Saturday afternoon (a whopping 15 degrees) it started right up and I drove it straight to the dealer (not wanting to take a chance) They say my battery was dead. (So how did I start it without a jump?) I’m not sure I buy it. (Although I can’t see where they could be wrong since it’s a meetering thing) My battery is only 2 years old. I’ve had problems starting it two or three times the last 8 months or so, where it would turn over 6-10 times before catching, or I had to turn the key two or three times. Could this really be the battery and not the starter?

It’s either the battery or a connector.

At colder temps if the battery is bad or going bad that’s when it’ll show up. The cold really zaps the battery. I’d start with cleaning the battery terminals and checking the cables. Also get the battery tested (NOT THE DEALER). Find a good independent to test the battery (preferably one who doesn’t sell batteries).

I doubt it’s the starter. They usually show signs their failing…and they aren’t cold related.