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Blinking check engine light

I just started my car this morning and the check engine light started blinking and im not sure why helpp if your in the cumberland md area i really could use some help

It is because the car’s onboard diagnostic system has detected an engine misfire. This can cause VERY expensive damage to the catalytic converter and possibly to the engine itself. Your best bet is to have the car towed to a reputable mechanic’s shop for diagnosis and repair.


It means turn off the car and get it towed to a shop for diagnosis and repair. If it was just on (not blinking) you could drive it to a shop/car parts store to have the codes read. But blinking means stop and tow.


Agree with @VDCdriver and @texases, a misfire dumps raw fuel into the catalytic converter, The cat is designed to handle small amounts of residual unburned fuel, CO and a few other things. A misfire is putting gobs and gobs of gasoline into the cat, it will overheat and be damaged and
un-repairable, they are not cheap. I have heard of them melting internally. Call your local shop and arrange for a tow.