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Car won't start

I have a 2006 Acura RSX with an auto transmission that is having problems starting. The electronics work (ie lights, stereo, auto-locks etc) and the engine starts to crank when the ignition is engaged, but it sputters out and doesn’t turn all the way over even with a jump start.

The battery tested positive and none of the fuses are blown, does anyone have any idea how this could be fixed? Thanks in advance for your response :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “sputters out”? Does that mean the starter motor slows down or stops or does it mean that the engine seems to catch but dies out?

My suggestion is to see if there any water on your oil dip stick. Meaning if it is you have a cracked head gasket. 2) On that model it suppose to have a on board diagnosis OBD that you can engage yourself. Most car owners with a OBD system doesn’t know it so check and see if it does.

And make sure you have gas in the tank:)

Retest the battery, and note cranking amps, my first guess is the battery is less than 400 cca (cold cranking amps) but after that since a jump did not work if the battery tests good the only other possibilities are bad connections on the battery and ground or toasted connectors or cables

It’s an '06. All US sold cars have had OBD=II since 1996. Any Autozone will check it for free. Some will loan you the code reader so you can take it home and read it yourself. Expect to pay a deposit.

That said, if it’s sputtering and trying to run, I’d lean toward a fuel delivery issue like a plugged filter or bad pump. Can you hear the electric pump inside the gas tank run/hum when you first turn the key to on?

Thanks for all your comments. We checked the oil dipstick and no water was found, tried leaving it hooked up to jumpers on a running vehicle today and that didn’t work either.Thought it might help to shoot a quick video of what happens when we try to turn it over, you can click this YouTube link to hear how it starts, hopefully this will help. Thanks again!

That battery sounds weak to me. It should turn it over faster than that.

Thx knfenimore, the battery tested positive and does the same thing even when hooked up to another with jumper cables.

Gio34, there is gas in the tank, and see below re: OBD…

BarkyDog do you know of any way to test the connections or the ground?

MG McAnick, I called about a code reader and I was told it will only work if the engine is running. I tried turning the key to the “on” position but don’t hear any humming near the gas tank, I’m not sure where exactly to look but popped my head under the car where the gas tank is and didn’t hear anything noticeable.

Again all your help is extremely appreciated, thanks again!

That’s odd. My code reader only reads with the key on, engine off.

Does it have a “check engine” light on? There will probably not be any codes if there is no light. A bad fuel pump will not set a code.

Let’s go with bad fuel pump. You can borrow a gauge at most auto parts stores and check it yourself.