Car won't start



I have a problem with my starter. I own a 1989 buick Reatta. I garaged it for the last 5 years …I bought a new battery and my friend has helped me to get it back on the road. When I go out to the garage to start the car in the morning it will not start for me…Wne the tow truck driver comes over it starts for him??? He said that I should turn on the lights first before turning the key?? When my friend comes over to look at the car he says that I need to push the key harder to the right to ingauge the starter??? Why doesn’t the car start for me?? The car is in mint condition. Am I missing some trick that I should know about starting the car? Like should the seat belt be fastened first? Or…the headlights on ??


There shouldn’t be any trick to starting your vehicle, unless something is worn out.

A worn key cylinder is one that MAY be.

Exactly what are the symptoms aside from ‘won’t start’?

What does or doesn’t the vehicle do when you turn the key?


Add: That’s probably the tow truck operators’ way of telling you to check the batterys’ condition.