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Car wont start. When does it stalls

I have a 2005 mercury mariner that will not start. It all started when i was driving home the car would randomly just stall. No check engine lights. Care would not restart unless it was put into neutral. Thought it was the fuel pump. So i slowly got it to my house after stalling every 100 feet. Replaced the fuel pump and filter. Drove it for another 6 miles and died. This time will not even start again. Turn the key nothing, no fuel pump no ticks or buzzes. Dashes lights come but nothing else. Any ideas of what it could be. Like i said there are no engine codes, fuel pump was replaced and ran amazing until it stalled. Now it wont even turn over. Some type of electical fault? i also replaced the relays.

First guesses would be a fuel system problem remains, or the crank position sensor is failing. It’s entirely possible for those problems that it won’t turn on the CEL or post any diagnostic codes, b/c the computer can’t measure the fuel pressure or know whether or not fuel is actually being injected, and when the crank position sensor fails the computer doesn’t realize the engine is even running.

Dead battery or alternator?

You do not hear the starter turning?

That indicates a dead battery or a bad connection between the battery and starter.

First, I assume you know that a car will not even attempt to start unless it is in neutral or park.
You could possibly have a bad neutral start switch/sensor that is preventing it from trying to start. If you have a voltmeter, we can step you through some tests.