Car Won't Start --Sometimes

I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic, and since this Sunday it won’t start occassionally. There are streaks when it starts just fine and other times where it will sound as if it is turning over (it sounds like it is working hard to try to start), but the engine just doesn’t engage (the second I stop turning the key, the engine doesn’t engage and start). Last time this happened it took about 5 minutes worth of attempts before it started; today I just took the bus.

I was wondering what people’s thoughts are on this. I just recently had the rack and pinion replaced, so hopefully this is the last major repair needed on this thing for some time to come.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Which Engine Do You Have ?

Does it matter whether the engine is cold (not run for several hours) or hot (recently run within an hour or two hours) ?

Do the “streaks” when it starts just fine last days or weeks at a time ?

Any lights illuminating on the instrument panel, particularly “security” messages ?


May I Ask What Symptoms Were Present That Resulted In Your Replacement Of The Rack And Pinion ? This Could Relate To The Ignition Problem, Believe It Or Not.

Were you getting a power steering warning message and loss of power assist, both ?

Who replaced the steering rack, an independent technician or a dealer technician ?

Did the starting problem begin after the rack replacement, before it, or at about the same time ?


The first time this happened the car was run about an hour previously. The lastest time this happened the car hadn’t been run in a couple days, so I don’t see any pattern there yet. I didn’t see any lights illuminating because of this. I do recall hearing about problems with “security” messages particularily with GM cars of this age range, but I don’t recall ever seeing anything like that with my car (although that’s not to say it’s not there).

The steering rack was replaced by an independent shop. The starting problem began after the rack replacement. I had the rack replaced in early June and this starting problem began on June 20th. I had the rack and pinion replaced because it was shot. A hose was leaking and fluid was not getting to the rack and so it was not getting proper lubrication. It happened fairly slowly overtime so I didn’t notice it until it was too late.