Car won't start, sometimes

My car a 99 Rav4, won’t start, sometimes. If i leave it for a day, it started. The first time it didn’t start i heard clicking sounds, and after several tries I gave up. The next morning the car started fine. A few months later the car didn’t start again. This time though when I turned the key to ‘start’, all power shut off in the car. The power locks, lights, all didn’t work. The next morning though, it started fine. Now the third time, the car won’t start, turning the key to ‘start’ causes all power to cut out again. But going outside, locking/unlocking the door brings the power back. But the car still won’t start.


My guess is the battery cables.  Try removing each end of each cable and cleaning it, then reattaching it.  With luck that will be all you need do.  It could also be the battery, starter, ignition switch....

yeah, plan to get cables off battery when i find someone stronger than myself to be able to turn the bolts. I was thinking maybe it was a loose wire, or something like that that connects something to something like the solenoid or something, will update after i clean those cables.