Car Won't Start - New Starter for Van w under 50k mi?

We have a 2005 town & country van with under 50,000 mi. We backed it out of garage, came back a couple hrs later, and it wouldn’t start. Loud clicking sound, not turning over at all. Could we need a new starter this soon? Car has been off waranty only 1 month - grrrrr. Thanks for help.

Could be, but it sounds like you need more diagnostics before concluding that. You may have an electrical problem and the starter is OK. Since you are out of warranty,find a good independent mechanic to do the diagnosis.

Back Out, Now What?
A low battery or bad or corroded cables can cause this, too. there wasn’t anything left on that would run the battery down, right? I think these vehicles even turn off interior lights that are accidently left on. I agree with getting a good diagnosis. There might be a simple fix. This might not be a major issue.

Thanks, we were able to jump start, so hoping it’s just the battery. We’re having battery checked now.

Normally the starter should not be a problem for at least 8 to 10 years I would guess. I would suspect bad battery connections first off. The battery could be going bad but even that seems a bit early to have a problem. We haven’t had any trouble with our '02 T&C.

You’re welcome!

Thanks for the feed-back.
Good Luck!

Get the whole charging system checked out. While battery could be 100% of the problem, I generally get 4-5 yrs out of an OEM battery. Alternator could be an issue here, too.