Car won't start mystery... Can't figure it out

The positive battery terminal was loose so i decided to replace it myself considering the mechanic wanted to charge me $100.00 to do which I thought was highway robbery and I had done it before on another car. So i bought the new terminal and as I was screwing in the connectors I touched the positive terminal with a socket wrench (accidentally) to the main part of the engine which looks like a bunch of metal tubes connected to each other. There was a giant spark and now the battery works great but the engine wont start. Is it just the starter fuse.

Also there is a strange tic toc noise coming from the dash/engine. Even when the key isn’t in the ignition. just a rhythmic “tic-toc-tic-toc” as if hazards were on or something (except they aren’t).

Its a 1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5 manual transmission.

You kind of learned this the hard way, but always disconnect the negative terminal first, then reconnect it last when working on the battery.

Check all the fuses and fusible links. Also, you weren’t clear on what happens when you turn the key–does the engine crank at all? Do any of the warning lights come on when you turn the key at all?

engine doesn’t crank at all. Check engine comes on, abs, emergency brake. But I feel like these always come on until the car actually starts then they pop back off again.

In the under hood fuse box check AM1 fuse, 40amp, and AM2 fuse, 30 amp.


how would I go about checking them?

Remove them from the fuse box and see if the elements are burned out. Here’s an example of a fuse and if the element is burned between the two blades the fuse is burned out.


Okay the AM1 and AM2 fuses are good. though when I disconnect the AM1 fuse the tic toc stops, though replacing the fuse does nothing to fix my problem.

Since you directy shorted the positive battery post to ground you shouldn’t have blown any fuses. All the current flowed through the wrench, not through any of the other circuits. The ticking you are hearing is most likely from the security system to flash the lights. When power is disconnected you usually have to reset it using the keyfob to unlock the doors or you may have to reprogram the system.