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Car won't start - battery issues?


My car went dead the other day - turns but won’t fire. I checked my battery with a multimeter and its reading 12.39V. Am I right in assuming this about 60 - 75% charged and is more than likely the cause of my starting issue?


Maybe not. Did you set the choke and advance the spark?

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Hold it right there! If the car turns (cranks over) at a normal sounding rate, but fails to start then it’s not a battery problem.

Please tell us the car’s…




Thanks for the response. Apologies, maybe I was a bit loose with my terminology.

Its a Toyota Starlet (Sportif) 1996 - 1999.

I turn the ignition, it scraps but won’t start. This happened a couple of weeks earlier and I waited a few seconds and tried again and it started so I thought nothing of it (thought I’d flooded the engine or something)

I tried the spare Key (immobilzer) and checked the fuses. Cables to the battery seem clean, no corrosion, etc.

How do I do that Pvt?

I think that PvtPublic was engaging in a bit of sarcasm, as a result of your failure to supply details about the make, model, and model year of the car in your original post. For all that any of us knew, you could have been referring to a 1929 Hupmobile.

12.39 is normal voltage for a battery. If it happens again, try turning the key to the on position (not start position) leave it on the on position for 5 seconds. Repeat this 2 more times. Then try starting it. If it starts it may be just a fuel filter. Take it to a shop.

No. 12.39 V is plenty of juice to start the car. It IS cranking, so you have another problem.


yeah the engine is turning. I just tried again and it almost very briefly fired with a few accelerator pumps but I couldn’t catch it. Then nothing at all on subsequent attempts.

Thanks tcmichnorth

I forgot to mention the engine seems be turning over at normal rate.

is Motor fuel injected? Why do u pump accelerator?