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Car won't start after shut-off

This is more an answer than a question. I have 1990 Honda Accord LX and a while back I had a problem re-starting my car, especially in hot weather. If I wait a 45min to an hour I could start again.

I tried everything but nothing worked until I changed the battery. With a new battery I never had this kind of problem again.

I find it hard to believe the battery was the problem. Usually a cool down b4 it starts again leans towards a bad starter

When this happenes and you get no starter noise let it rest half to one hour and it restarts its probably the coil section of the electroniic ignition, when it over heats nothing flows past it when it cools resart, may never happen again but just as in the old days I bought a rebuild kit and replaised this part of the ignition, no more problem, and no white knight. Love your show listed every sunday. Tom Lucore

I am driving since 1974. My Accord developed “re-start problem” at 150k and I finally stopped driving my Accord at almost 300k miles due to water pump leak. Incidentally, the original starter is still on. My (friend) mechanic and I tried everything to fix my Accord (re-start problem) but nothing worked until out of desperation I changed the battery (that tested “GOOD”). Drove another 150k afterwards with no problems.
I put on our Chrysler Mini-Van a little over 200k. Previously I put on my Mercedes 300D almost half a million miles alone until the accident that totaled it (not my fault!).

p.s.BTW, my friend didn’t charge me a dime and I bought all the parts.