Car won't start after big snow fall

I let my gas tank in my 96 Neon get pretty empty, but I was sure that I had enough to drive to the gas station and get gas. The next morning (after a big snowfall, which is probably unrelated) my car wouldn’t start.

I put about 3 gallons of gas into the tank and still nothing. The car really wants to start, but won’t. My old man thinks it might be moisture in the gas tank, or that the fuel lines are frozen.

Any ideas?

Check for spark at the plugs and fuel pressure at the rail.

I would check the plugs, but frankly I believe you had some moisture in there and it froze. Can you move it to someplace warm? If that works or if the weather warms up and it starts, get some dry gas type of additive and put it in the tank.

Did you know that an nearly empty tank is far more likely to get water in it due to condensation?

Good Luck

Since the engine is trying to start it may be flooded. Try cranking the engine while holding the accelerator all the way to the floor to help flush out the extra fuel from the engine.