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Car won't shift into drive


I have a 2004 audi a6 wagon (automatic) The car is payed off so I had reitzl audi of norwell look over the entire car to look at what repairs needed to be done so that i could make a decision to keep it or sell it. $6500 later, the car was back in my possession and everything that they saw needed replacement was replaced. The first time I used the car after picking it up, the battery was dead. I replaced that. The second time I used the car was to have it cleaned. (no, for 6500, the dealership doesn’t clean the car) The third time i used the car, the ABS malfunction light went on, the engine malfunction light went on and the car won’t shift into drive or reverse. Any thoughts???

So, have you decided to keep it or sell it?

I don’t think we can offer much help, you’d have to post all the data on the invoice for us to even know what the dealer did to the car. Perhaps they knocked a vacuum line off somewhere that is causing the lights to go on. You should be talking to the dealer, but that might be kind of scary after already spending $6500 and not even getting a new battery.

i guess my question really is…if your car won’t shift into drive, what is typically the cause of this

On my 97 Explorer (yours is probably the same)the ABS brain & the shift lock solenoid both receive voltage from the brake light switch. No voltage & it wont shift out of park & the ABS wont work.

Are your brake lights working?

The car is payed off so I had ?

Why would having it paid off or not have anything to do with it?

the car being payed off IS irrelevant to this discussion, but i was trying to make the decision to keep or sell the car based on upcoming expenses of which the only one i knew about was replacing the timing belt, new tires and regular servicing…the car was running 100% but was long overdue for timing belt replacement & tires…when i brought it in they recommended in addition to timing belt and tires…an alignment, balance, replacing outer cv joint and boot, replaced a brake light, replaced a leaky prop shaft seal, and an oil change …all to the tune of $6500…i have driven the car 70 miles since the 6500 repairs and have had to replace the battery and now i can’t drive the car at all because i can’t get it out of park and i have an engine malfunction light on, an abs malfunction light on…so i’m incredibly frustrated and was just wondering if someone that knows something about cars could give me insight into the shift issue

Let me try this again with emphasis on the are your brake lights working.