Car won't shift into 5th gear

2010 Corolla
On the highway drove over like 1/3 of a tire no rim. I’m no car guy, but all of a sudden the car is making loud noises when pushing down on the gas, maybe the exhaust, but also seems it’s not going into the 5th gear. Drove between 30-60mph home.
Edit- it was an exhaust leak

Definite possibility, esp for the loud noises. Ask your shop to check that the exhaust system remains intact. A problematic exhaust system can also confuse the drivetrain computer, which could cause transmission effect, but my guess, the 5th gear problem has a different source.

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did the check engine light come on after? It’s feasible that the tire you ran over did some undercarriage damage, and may have knocked a sensor or two loose (or their respective wires.) your car could be in a limp mode because of this.

get it to a shop and let them look it over.

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I agree with George, but with a 13 year old vehicle (of unknown odometer mileage and unknown maintenance history), there are at least two reasons for the OP to take his car to a trusted mechanic for a much more accurate diagnosis than is possible from afar via the internet.


I drove over semi tire chunk. Broke my E brake cable. Dealer said they had never sold 1. I was first.

Is this a XRS??