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2001 explorer won't go into reverse but every other gear works fine

Was going to leave the other morning and put it into reverse and nothing happened. Tried every other gear and works fine. Reverse is the only thing giving me problems right now. Any ideas? Tried doing some research on my own, because I can’t afford a tranny rebuild. I was hoping it was either the solenoid or low/reverse band. I don’t know about the band, because it works fine in low2 and low1

There’s never a good time to overhaul a transmission and rarely when one has extra money to spend, but the car doesn’t know that. Might be other causes but anytime I’ve had a gear go out it was rebuild time.

First make sure the fluid level is ok. If that looks fine, you’ll need a transmission shop to do some testing first. They’ll probably test the fluid pressure, pull any transmission diagnostic codes, and go from there. You could get lucky and it’s just a solenoid that’s gone south. And it could just be an adjustment is needed. But if this tranny is original to you 2001 Explorer, I wouldn’t count on it. As posted above, it is probably rebuild time.

One idea you could try, give it a proper service, drop the pan, replace the fluid and the filter, & refill w/fresh. Sometimes that works enough to give you some more miles before eventually needing a rebuild. Also give you an opportunity to inspect for metal debris in the bottom of the pan.

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