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Car wont Jumpstart

my Suburu wouldnt start this morning… only a single low click when i turned the key – last night the lights were off doors closed and key OUT of egnition… SO i Tried to Jump start it this morning and when i turned the egnition key… then single CLICK got louder but still wouldnt turn over — Wipers work full speed… raideo and lights also work fine… is it the starter ? why wont my car start

Connect the jumper cables and allow the donor vehicle idle for 10-15 minutes and then try starting the engine.


tried to jump it about 10 minuts ago… left the doner car idle for about 5… and then accelerator held at about 2 for mayby a minut… still wouldnt start… only the loud click – i will go outside now and reconnect cables and let doner car idle for a while…

just doesnt seem like its the battery because all the finctions of the car are in working order (wipers and lights and raideo)

i also cant figgure out why the battery would be dead becasue the key was out of the ignition and no lights were left on

Sounds like it may be the starter, as you mentioned.

If the starter is somewhat accessible, you might try tapping on it with a hammer or wrench while someone tries rapidly turning the key from run to start repeatedly. This may get you a few more starts out of it and save you a tow at least.

friend is here now… battery termanal is corroded and broke off… going to get a new one now… hopefully that was the problem ?

changed battery terminal… stil wont start… Crap !

If there was that much corrosion then there’s a good chance you might have to replace the entire cable. Strip some of the insulation off & get a look underneath. You also need to inspect the other end where it connects to the starter.

You can do a quick check of the starter using a jumper cable if you’re careful - leave ignition off, car in park (neutral is manual) w/ the brake set firmly. Put the jumper cable on the positive batt terminal & touch the other end to the pos terminal on the starter. If this cranks it, then the starter is probably fine. If not, use the black cable between the negative batt terminal & a good chassis ground. If it cranks then, then you have to worry about the ground cables & connections as well. If none of that does anything then I’d be pulling the starter.