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Car won't idle

1972 mercury montego won’t idle in gear unles you keep you’r foot on the gas and one one the brake it has new points,condenser,wires cap,rotor,sparkplugs,fuel filter,airfilter and good gas so whats wrong?

Have you completed a search for vacuum leaks? what are the results,check block at base of carb,you will have to remove carb to do this.

My best guess is that your problem is with your carburetor. However, you may have a hard time finding a mechanic who knows how to work on a carburetor. Note that this will have to be a guy over the age of 50, more than likely.

we changed all of vacum lines and and the carb don’t leak no air

it was the carb base plate thanks

Simply brilliant!

I Wonder If Old School Has The Required Years Under His Belt?