1985 Dodge Ram, idle problems



My 1985 Dodge Ram, with the 318 motor and Holly 2 barrel Carb. will Idle, but when I pull it into gear it chokes out. Even with the throttle depressed, it still chokes out. Would this be an “Idle-stop-solenoid” problem? if so, where can i find obsolete parts?


Did it come from the factory with a Holly carb??


Has the carb had any work done on it, it sound more like the floats have sunk. It wasn’t that uncommon for the floats to soak up gas or spring a leak depending on the type of float. But in the end the carb runs way too rich.

As far as parts go any parts store should be able to get the parts you need, it might take a day or two but they should be able to get them. In fact I rebuilt the carb on my 1975 dodge d100 this summer and they had the kit in stock.


I’ve rebuilt that carb 2x now, I had trouble getting the idle springs correct. So a specialist did the fine tuning. I’ll start with another rebuild. Thanks for the input.




If it was rebuilt recently I’d pull the top off and weigh the floats. It they are metal you might even hear the gas inside them. Don’t wait too long to check them, pull them out and weigh them,if you wait the gas will evaporate and you’ll think they are fine. Or you could just replace them for less then $30 or so.