Car wont "catch" after i fill up on gas

So I have a 2011 Toyota Camry and the other night I filled up on gas and when I tried to start the car it would start. It just made a grumbling noise and sounded like it was trying to start but couldn’t. I got it to start after flooding it and now I have to flood it every time I try to start my car. I don’t know what’s wrong. Pelase help me. Should I take it to a mechanics?

Yes see a mechanic. You probably have a fuel pump problem.

Is the check engine light on? It could be fuel tank venting and purging system. This can allow fumes from your gas tank to flood the engine making starting difficult or impossible…

Do you fill it to the top after the pump tried to turn off. This can cause vapor recovery problems and make the car not want to start. I have a hard time believing that a 2011 Toyota would have fuel pump issues.

At Costco the pumps categorically tell you: "Do no top off ". They don’t want anyone’s car stalling and holding up the line and have driver blame their gas for it.