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Car won’t start -Chevy sonic

I have a 2013 Chevy sonic and it won’t start. About a month ago I had the water pump and hoses replaced after it started overheating. I finance through a dealership that has a device that prevents the car from starting if you miss a payment so to turn the car on you first turn the key to aux, wait for the beep and then start the car. When I try to start it it makes a clicking sound and on the front dash the engine light blinks. Any advice? I’ll try to get a better video

Start with the simple things first . Have a road side service come and see if it will start with a jump . I say use the road side service because this site gets many posts where someone has tried to jump from their vehicle to another and caused electrical damage . If it starts your local Auto Zone might check your battery and alternator for free.

I agree with @VOLVO_V70 … Excellent advice, esp since you are already under the scrutiny/control of a financial entity.

LOL… I need to brush up on my tech… A device to prevent vehicle use when you miss a payment ??

Boy Howdy whaddaya know about that ?! Simple enough concept, I can easily see how it would work or be implemented.

Very interesting…I must say beyond my initial snicker at this device I want to add that I do not like it and I do not like everything it represents as well as everything it foreshadows.


Yes! They have been around for quite a while. They are favored by Buy-Here-Pay-Here lots that tend to get folks who are a bit lax in their payment rigor. I.e. Have low credit scores because they miss payments and, as such, pay high interest on the car loan.

The device makes it simple to collect the payment or the car itself.

Try cleaning the battery connections. If that doesn’t help then check the condition of the battery to see if it is charged up enough to start the engine.

This could be anything from a dead/weak battery to a problem with the starter interrupt device. If trying another battery (or having this one tested and charged at an auto parts store) doesn’t help, you are probably going to need to tow it to a shop.

The battery may be too discharged to crank the engine. Charge the battery overnight using a battery charger, might work. If that doesn’t work and the battery is connected to the harness properly you’re going to need some voltage tests done by a shop to figure it out. Given the security system that’s installed, might pay to first phone the finance company, they may hear of this complaint from their customers sometimes due to a technical glitch in their system, and know a work-a-round,