2014 Chevrolet Sonic - It wasn't the compressor

My car was running fine until last year. I brought brand new in 2014. The ac blower didn’t want to run. Replaced compressor, didn’t work. Let ride for awhile because it fall and weather was nice. January, the car started making a static sound coming from left side under hood. Battery light came on. Stopped the car, the battery light went off. But the windshield wipers were turn on by themselves, the horn and windows didn’t want to work. Battery was dead. Replaces the battery, but it did want to start. Mechanic checked the alternator and the starter, both were working, but the new battery was drained. The wipers and lights turn on by themselves during the night.
Come to find out the fuse boxes were completely burn out including the harness and wiring. Replaced the fuse box, and harness, but now the computer on car is not working. I already spend 855.00 on this car.
Anybody have similar problems with this type of car. Mechanic said something cause the whole system to shorten out.

Is rain water getting into the fuse box? If so, that could cause these sorts of weird symptoms. check all the pertinent rain-proof seals to make sure they really are. Sorry you are having this difficulty; but what with pretty much all cars now being a bevy of computers on wheels, not much you can do about it other than hiring a good shop-tech with car-computer experience to continue the investigation.

As to what circuit(s) are causing the problem, absent any clues, suggest to focus on the circuits w/the biggest current draw. I’d guess your car’s biggest current-draw circuits are for the electric fuel pump and HVAC systems. Your shop-tech should know this sort of information, good question to ask…

For future car purchases, be sure to do your research on which car to buy using services which rate new and used car reliability. & never purchase a used car if any of the readiness monitors are in the “incomplete” state.