Car "wobbles" when traveling over 55 mph

I have a 93 Volvo 850 with almost 210,000 miles on it.

The car kind of ?wobbles? when I go over 55 mph. It?ll rock back and forth but in a clock wise direction (sometimes in a counter clock wise direction). It doesn?t wobble going up hills. At first I thought it was the wind pushing the car from the side. When I come to a stop the wheels stop but the body still moves forward and then bounces back lick a spring. I replaced both rear shocks. It didn?t help. The car is missing an anti-sway bar bushing on the rear passenger side. Any thoughts?

Has anyone ever replaced the front shocks/struts? The missing anti-sway bar bushing isn’t helping anything. I think you need to have someone do a complete inspection of the suspension. The car may be unsafe to drive the way it is.

sounds like tires and shocks

When I first got it the dealer checked it over but didn’t say anything about the front struts. Its safe to drive. All new tires. Its a gentle wobble. Tire problems cause strong vibrations.

I got an estimate to replace the struts. They want $1000. I think they’re charging more than 2 times the cost of the parts. 2.5 hours for labor. That’s understandable. But I think they’re going overboard on the parts.