Car will go to 15 mph than it will just rev up

Its a 1993 mercury traces automatic. Change the fuel filter last month work fine now it’s happen again. anybody has a idea what it could be.

Sounds like the trans is shifting out of first and maybe second gear, but into N instead of a higher gear.

Please explain your problem in much more detail. I can not even guess from your title.

Yeah, I’d be suspicious of something transmission-related. Have you checked the fluid? Both the the level and the color. Has it ever been changed?


It does sound like the transmission is jumping into neutral and the fuel filter has nothing to do with it.

Check the trans fluid and see if it’s brown or black. If so, that’s not good and at 27 years of age (assuming the original transmission) then it’s due for failure. Or past due.

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Sounds to me like the transmission is slipping badly rather than shifting into neutral but I could easily be wrong.