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Car wax/polish, applicators, buffing rags, chamois...the works

So someone new comes on here with an unconventional (and agreed not popular) method for polishing vehicles and are labeled a dweeb? I’ve seen this here a number of times. Someone new comes on and maybe is not clear, makes a spelling or grammatical error, or really does say something kind of silly, and 4-5 of the community pile on so the person never comes back. Control of content achieved, chest puffed up, pat on back and congratulations. Some would call that being a bully. Think of how many regulars have called it quits over the last few years because of this censorship, but the club is maintained.

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You misconstrued everything I wrote. It’s OK if you have a point to make, Direct it at those you have the issue with.

Not sure what you mean by censorship Bing. Carolyn does an very good job as a Moderator and who has quit because of this censorship you mention
Ridiculous statements and wrong info should be pointed out. As my neighbor says , this thought of everyone gets a Trophy is silly.

In case you’re not aware, that feature is on this forum too.
Click on the user’s name, which takes you to their profile.
Then click on the “normal” button.
It’ll be self evident from there.

Thank you!
I was not aware of that feature.
Once I activate that feature, I won’t be able to get regular updates on the totally irrelevant golf course conditions in Florida, but that is a good thing.


I guess we’ll never know. Take a look at some of the old posts from a few years ago and see who has just given up. Just think some of the folks here are a little too quick to insult or flag because of a seemingly innocuous post about family. You can disagree but be respectful and put the flags back in your pocket.

Bing, you are wise beyond your years ( I think… we’re talking a lot of years, right?).

Anyhow, I agree. I like it when new folks join the discussions and do not like it when they get run out of here with pitch forks and torches for having opinions and facts that aren’t in line with opinions and facts of some old fuddy-duddy, “get off my lawn”, unhappy people, that hold all the correct ones (or think they do).

I just pop on here once in a while. When I’m not here I’m a happy individual, doing fun stuff, and enjoying life and accepting it the way it is without beating my head against a wall trying to get it to conform with my extremely narrow viewpoint. Changes in latitude, changes in attitude?

One can learn by keeping a more open mind. Anyhow, Bing, I owe you a beer! :beers:

Well I’ll take a root beer. Ya know you’ve been blocked now talking about all that fun and sunshine down there. Everyone that thinks they’ve never been wrong, raise your hand.

Depends on the sealant. There are plenty of modern sealants that are far more durable, and offer better depth and gloss just carnuba wax.