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Car Wash Add-Ons

So dealer undercoating and rustproofing is an established rip-off. What about the few $$ extra at the car wash for “rust inhibitors” and such. Also a rip-off? Those few couple of extra bucks can add up.

How can anything sprayed on at a car wash inhibit rust? Save your money.

Yea just get a basic car wash to get salt off in you’re in a region that uses such. But personally I don’t even like automatic car washes. I’ve worked at a gas station with a car wash part time for five years and the acid is extremely strong in these “soaps” You have to change the containers with gloves because the acid can eat thru your skin. Imagine what it does to your clear coat. That’s why clear coats flake after time, sun damage is a huge problem but so is acidic car washes. If I was my car its going to be at home or I take my own soap to a DIY car wash