Oil - If it doesn't drip, it doesn't work?


Hi all,

Needing to get my vehicles oil undercoated for rust protection this winter…I noticed some places advertise “drip-less” oil undecoating, while others don’t and have slogans like “If it doesn’t drip, it doesn’t work!”.

Which type of oil is best? Or does it matter.




Neither…cars these days don’t need undercoating. They are rust protected at the factory. Cars that use to rust out in the Great Lakes region (US Rust Belt) are lasting 10-20 years with little or no rust. Save your money.


Agreed. Modern cars do not benefit from such primitive rustproofing methods.

Pass 'em by.


Don’t waste your money. Your car was rust-proofed at the factory. Any additional “spray-on” coatings are likely to make it MORE prone to rust. You don’t need this.


I agree with the others that this is just so much “hokum” when it comes to modern cars. If you wax your car a couple of times per year and wash it frequently (especially the underside) after exposure to road salt, you are unlikely to experience rust problems. Also, be sure to touch-up any scratches and chips quickly.

If you do these things, you will do FAR more to prevent rust than any after-market “rust-proofing” or undercoating will do. In fact, badly done work of this sort can seal vital drain holes and actually accelerate the rusting process. That is why after-market work like this frequently VOIDS the car manufacturer’s rust-through warranty.

Don’t waste your money!


well these prior posts are right unless u keep your vehicles long term,i own an 88 chevy 4 wheel drive i coat it every fall with an oilbase coating that drips,no rust to date remember i said 88 still looks good. 89 cougar ls same,run both in snow and ice in pa.I do the same with 2006 GMC i customize my vehicles and cant let go personal problem,BUT a coat of the runny stuff does help.I said i use an oil base coating not that real gooey stuff.What i use washes off in the spring revealing shinny factory paint not ugly unsightly rust.88 chevy no rust fenderwells or cab corners that these others would surely have if they could have a vehicle last that long!!!


Points well taken…I won’t do the 2001 Grand Caravan…but what about my 85 Cutlass?