Car turns over then dies

I have a '99 Town and Country van. The car gives me no trouble EXCEPT… sometimes when I’ve driven somewhere, and turned off the car, when I try to restart, it will turn over, and then die. Repeated attempts fail. After it sits for 45 min. to a couple of hours, it starts immediately. I have been towed 3 times to the shop, and they will not do anything, because it will not fail for them. We have replaced fuses, and the crank shaft sensor. HELP!

Sounds like an ignition component has become heat sensitive. Try another shop.

I would suspect the ignition system also. To eliminate a possible fuel problem you could carry some starter fluid with you to have when this trouble happens again. Just spray some fluid into the intake when the trouble occurs. If the engine still doesn’t try to fire then the ignition is most likely the trouble.

I would first make sure the ignition was getting voltage if the ignition turns out to be the trouble. It would be good to do some research to know where to find key points to check when the trouble happens again.