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Car transport

I need to transport a car from Toledo to Folsom, California. Where do I find reputable auto haulers?

One option to look into is shipping by train.

Google automobile transport and you get a bunch of hits. One place says they can get you 10 quotes minimum through them. This will give you some ballpark info. Do the same in your local metro yellow pages to find a broker who can help you out, also.

As for reputation, I would check in classic car magazines, for ads or comments on transporters. Classic car enthusiasts tend to be pickier about transporting their cars (covered or containerized; possibly pricier) than most other folks.

Sometimes an ad in a local newspaper for this type of service will catch the attention of independent car haulers looking for a vehicle on a return trip.

You might try California auto haulers about this too.

To the best of my knowledge, all these auto hauling people are bonded and have major insurance coverage. Just ask about it.