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Car Totaled with engine still working

I’ve recently totaled my car in an accident, and i plan to sell the car for scraps or to someone. Now the car starts and runs and moves, but the frame is bent and would cost more than the car is owrth to fix it. Now i was wondering how much I could get for it if i were to sell the car fully or sell the car seperate than the engine. Its a 99’ Century Buick with about 135,000 miles. Can someone give me an estimate on how much i could get for it?

“Parting out” a vehicle is never a winning proposition for an individual. Chances are you’ll spend more in advertisiing and to get the bulk of the car removed than you’ll get for the engine. These engines and drivetrains were produced by the millions. People are unlikely to be interested in buying a used engine that’s been an a wreck unless they get some form of warrantee with it, which boneyards generally offer.

Besides, of the insurance covered it then they own it now.

well the car was fully paid off so i had full ownership of it but the accidnet was my fault so the insurance isnt paying for the car so im fully sunk atm but i just want an estimate of the car just being sold i already have a couple people interested in buying it but i want a estimated pricev that i could sell it for. Again im talking about the whole car with a working engine and or the body sold seperately from the engine.

Just post an ad on the nearest craigslist (or nearest couple)

Its easy & free. Just explain the scoop and seek offers. Watch for scammers.

You can always give eBay a whirl too.

Many areas also have small classified papers that are free to post ads in ($$ comes from people actually buying them & placing business ads). Look for those.

What you can hope for is finding someone who does need the engine/transmission and/or other good parts. Other than that you might get small offers from scrappers or junkyards. You can call local junkyards to see if they buy such things.

Don’t expect much $$ or quick & easy.

If you have a few people already interested, you are a very lucky individual. Ask them to make an offer.

If your state doesn’t have laws defining car sales as “as-is” (most states do), then be sure you define that clearly in the Purchase and Sales Agreement, along with a definition of the car having been totalled. You don’t want liability for someone putting it back on the road the way it is and geeting into an accident.

I recently followed down the road a beat up Blazer that had very clearly bee in an accident. It was driving down the road at an angle of about 10 degrees (no exaggeration), the right rear was hanging much lower than the rest of the vehicle, and the bounce in the right rear was clearly a totally missing or broken shock. the car was wandering all over and going in the soft shoulder every time the brakes were applied. There was a young couple and a child in it.

Some people do put extremely unsafe totalled vehicles back on the road. You do not want to end up in any way responsible if someone does this with yours.

Parts for this vintage goes for ABOUT…
doors $250 each
fenders $125
hood $150-$300
deck lid $150-$300
headlamps $75
taillamps $45
engine $600 depends on the engine, what size?

this are about what you might get. Depends on rust, dings, etc.