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Car Talk's Collective Nouns

Last month, a New York Times blog featured a little competition of sorts: creating new collective nouns. (The results were pretty amusing, including “a google of searchers”, “a bore of bloggers,” and “a battery of Priuses.” You can read the whole list, here.)

That got us wondering… what collective nouns could we use at Car Talk, or NPR in general? An irritation of Magliozzis? A plaid of used car salesmen? A bogosity of puzzlers? A vituperation of hate mail?

We’d love to hear your suggestions! You can share them right here. We’ll check back!

The lackeys of Car Talk Plaza

A snit of GM bashers.

For several ladies of the evening gathered on the street corner:

An anthology of pros.

A court of Imperials.

A corral of Mustangs.

A fleet of Corvettes.

A mole of Cobalts. Remember poetic license. There will never be a mole of vehicles produced.

An edition of LTDs.

A caravan of Ramblers.

For when things are getting weird, events are not quite normal, like when you expect Rod Serling to come around the corner, you are surrounded by

“A Glass of normalcy.”

Use that down the halls of NPR!!

Rashers Of Auto Company Bail-Outs

A Sounder Of Auto Company CEOs

A Consensus Of Automotive Ignorance

Clatch Of Car Klutzes

Multi-Port Fool Injection

A brace of Orthodontists

An array of computer programmers.
A relation of database administrators

A symphony of mechanics

A pair of morons
A duo without a clueo
(I really love you guys!)
shameless guys with wheel replies
Fieros heroes
mechanic fanatic
angels and bagles

I don’t think I’ve got anything new to add, but I want to point out that a google of searchers actually defines a specific number. A google is a 1 followed by 100 zeros. A collective noun shouldn’t really specify a number, should it? So, obviously, that one should probably be a yahoo of searchers.

Oh, wait, I did think of one. How about a slump of jazz men?

A ledger of Accountants

A greed of Executives

A confusion of managers

A formula of Engineers

A phylum of Biologists

A beaker of Chemists

A hypothesis of Physicists

A blind of Umpires

A yell of Coaches

A bench of Second Stringers

A nag of Wives

A buttinski of Mother-in-Laws

"A nag of Wives

A buttinski of Mother-in-Laws"

Don’t hold back, CR, tell us what’s really on your mind. :wink:

I would call the show a live transmission of bum steers dealing with a perplexity of automotive disfunctions responded to with a large snifter of snorts.

A bumbler of quick lube technicians.

A grudge of warranty claims.

A glas-pack of gearheads.

A land mine of Pintos.

A scrapper of Oldsmobiles.

A flush of dealer-recommended services.