Car Storage (recovery)

I’ve just been offered (at a very good price) to take over my brother’s S2000. It’s been sitting in his garage (undriven) for at least 18 months.

There’s lots of advice from people on what to do when the owner is “planning” to store the car.

What do you do when the storage wasn’t “planned” ?

I’m assuming the fluids need to be drained. The tires may be flat. What else do I need to look at? Brakes?

Where do I take the car? Do I have it towed?

Well? The first thing to check is the condition of the gasoline. A vehicle stored this long without a fuel stabilizer can cause gasoline to go bad causing fuel system problems.

But just remove the gas cap, take a sniff from the fuel neck and if smells like gas, go for it! If the smell isn’t of gasoline, it could be a problem.


Some cars after 18 months will fire right up and run fine. The issue is primarily will the gas still be OK? Take a look at the car. You can blow up soft tires. You can jump the battery or put a charger on it for a day before starting the car.

If you get it running I would get most of the fluids changed soon. What is the model year and number of miles on the S2000?